“Good times come and go, why not turn it into a lasting memory?”

- The Clementines -

Clementines Baby

Little steps make a big difference! Make those memories count. We curate the best selection of gifts and souvenirs for baby showers, birthday parties, or even baby baptism, turn those tiny moments into a great memories!

Wedding Gifts & Favors

Wedding are intimate & beautiful affairs that shouldn't just last a night. So why not make the memory lasts?
Catering to your needs, our gifts are fully customizable, match it with your theme, designs, materials, and - psssst, even budget. Make your special day a stress-free day with our full-bespoke-services. Thick and thin, through and through, we'll be here for you.

Events Gifts & Souvenirs

Did you know? That each event has a different appropriate kinds of gifts. A baby shower? Birthday soiree? Or even a memorial event? You ought to choose the right souvenir for the right event. We are here to help! A wide range of gifts could be fully personalized to your likings, what a great way to show class and culture.

Corporate Event Souvenirs & Stationaries

Anything that has your company name needs to create a lasting impression. Be it a fantastic gift for your clients, corporate stationaries, or a fun marketing giveaways, we are here to cater your every need. Putting attention to design and budget for your business, always.

Packaging & Gift Wraps

So you have a fantastic gift, now you need a fabulous packaging to go with it. Worry not, we also cater to packaging production and gift wrapping services. Let us know of your need and leave the rest to us! Gifting is a calling for us. Give us a call?

We'd love to help! Just ask, we'll help you all the way